Tickets sold at Trieste Bus Station:

At our ticket office you will find tickets for:

APT Gorizia
Trieste Trasporti
SAF Udine

Tickets for long-distance lines


Sale bus tickets: from Trieste to European cities

Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria (and links with the major European cities).

Trieste Bus Station is located next to Trieste Railway Station and links the city with the Ronchi dei Legionari-Trieste airport and the Venezia Marco Polo airport. It is therefore an excellent departure point for any destination.

The Bus Station ticket office sells Trieste Trasporti tickets and passes for urban routes in Trieste and APT tickets and passes for the city of Gorizia.

At our ticket office you will also find tickets for the following carriers: SAF, Flixbus, Buscenter, Autotrans, Brioni Pula, Croatiabus, Crnja Tours, Avrigo, Fils, Florentia Bus, Euroda, Srbija Tours, Fudeks, Sanatrans Atlassib ed Eurolines-Baltour.

The Bus Station ticket office also offers services such as luggage storage, currency exchange, minimarket and bar.

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